I do documentary television cinematography for
PBS, Discovery Channel, National Geographic...
Or you.


The most critical part of my job is making the cold, frightening place in front of the camera as warm and supportive as I can. Hand-held photography - smooth and interactive, is my thing.

Both a complete Aaton XTR Super-16 Film package, and an HD Video package featuring a Panasonic HDX900 Camera, as well as a Canon VIXIA for rigging and tight spots. Lots of other do-dads including a Port-Jib, and Joker HMI lights.

I have experienced a lot of crazy situations, all of which will help me make your project a success. Please give me a call or drop me a note...I'd love to hear about your project.







markknobil t: 412.621.6674 e: mark.knobil@gmail.com FLICKR